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Don’t just settle for basic greenery; instead, make your outdoors look like art with the help of our specialists at Willow Creek Landscaping. We are glad to help create the environment you desire around your home or business with the aesthetic appeal of your preference.

Our Services

Tree Service

Willow Creek Landscaping cares for your trees. We understand the necessities your trees have. This is why through various services such as pruning, trimming, securing broken branches, maintenance, and fertilization, we give your tree what it needs. We are ready to attend to your tree needs in any tree services. Our specialized arborists will make your landscape healthy!

Our Services

Brick Paving

Having the best option is always important. This is why we offer brick paving. It will benefit you in many ways, such as its durability, strength, low maintenance, and costs, as well as its non-slip surface. With Willow Creek Landscaping, you will always enjoy the best.

Our Services

Snow Removal

With severe weather conditions such as snow, it is imperative to remove it as soon as possible. By doing so, you will be improving your safety and experience benefits such as quick and efficient work, saving costs, high-quality results, and much more! At Willow Creek Landscaping, we always deliver the best.

Our Services

Lawn service

Bring back what nature intended for your lawn with the care and maintenance of our highly trained specialists. With Willow Creek Landscaping, your grass will always be greener. Save yourself from wasting money and time by hiring the right specialists for your lawn services.

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